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Voters Lists in 29 States

Me Bhi Neta totally understands the importance of accurate voter lists in order to develop a successful and an influential political campaign. Being able to have direct access to voter lists in all 29 states through our experience and contacts in the political campaigning field. We are committed to act, enact, and embrace your political campaign.

What Kind Of Voter Lists We Offer?

Registered voters with party affiliation (if any) and voter history

Me Bhi Neta will provide you with a complete record of registered voters with their voting history and we also check whether or not they are affiliated with other political parties.

Voter files from all the 29 states with detailed demographics (including race, ethnicity, religion and income, change of address)

We offer complete voter files from all the 29 states with their detailed information regarding their race, ethnicity, demographic division, religious beliefs and income. We also offer the details regarding whether they have changed their address nationwide.

Social affiliation and interest groups

We will serve you with detailed information regarding whether the voter is affiliated to social, and interest groups. Knowing their influences, we can help you create an influential political campaign.