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Telephone Services

IVR systems are used at Me Bhi Neta to service high call volumes at the lower cost which helps us to be in our budget and is highly cost effective. The use of IVR allows us to cover the huge amount of voters and can collect complete and accurate data regarding their issues, expectations and can promote our client at the same time.

Automated Telephone Surveys

With the help of automated telephone surveys, Me Bhi Neta can now collect systematic data by making automatic calls to the preset list of voters and fulfill our aim of collecting information and gain feedback via the telephone and the internet.

Patch Through Telephone Calls

Customized solutions at Me Bhi Neta allows us to create an outbound message that allows our client to leave the live message and sent to important decision makers such as senators, representatives, and governors.

Live call centre services

Your campaign does need a call center team dedicated to GOVT efforts. So with Me Bhi Neta, You supply the message, we serve you with the fully trained, professional team. And we will have full responsibility for delivering your message to the correct place at a correct time.

Telephone Town Hall

For a successful telephone town hall event, Me Bhi Neta Make sure to recruit trained staffs with enough training for their roles. We don’t try to train during a live event. We send press release/media advisory to local outlets and post details on the webpage.

Political Robocalls

Political Robocalls are a fact of life in modern political campaigns. Me Bhi Neta are members that an average voter will only listen to a robocall for a few seconds before hanging up. So we make sure to put the candidate’s name and the message of the call-up front before the person hangs up. Hence we will deliver your name and message to voters at any cost.

Hosted Predictive Dialer Software

We don’t use a traditional hand-dialed phone, Me Bhi Neta uses hosted dialer software screens out unwanted calls like answering machines and unanswered calls and our productivity increases and you are able to reach more people and deliver your message with more precision.

Voice Broadcasting Services

Voice broadcasting is a popular method of direct political marketing. And Me Bhi Neta being one of the top firms for political campaigning, we serve you with world-class voice broadcasting service to make you reach out to more and more people and create an influential figure in your voter's minds.