Public Relations

The initial form of public relations known to mankind in politics consisted of ancient leaders creating monuments promoting their reign or spreading rumors and lies about an enemy. But when mass communication arrived, politicians running for office truly had an opportunity to influence others for the first time. Politics and public relations have had a close nexus and here comes the role of PR teams and agencies. So, Me Bhi Neta being fully aware of the importance of maintaining a good relationship with the public in this technologically fast moving world. Especially if you are contesting an election.

Our Team

Me Bhi Neta will serve with a world-class PR team with ample of experience and qualities in their respective fields. Our team will guide each of your step in public relation management. Our team is full of creativity and unique ideas which surely will give your public relation management an edge over your competitors.

Strategic Messaging & Timeline

While managing PR in political campaigning, it becomes necessary that you are consistent with your efforts in maintaining that relationship with the public. And to achieve that goal, strategic messaging and timeline maintenance can be a key to success. We have experience and experts sitting with Me Bhi Neta who will make sure that your message is being delivered accurately at a correct time and pace. We will also make sure to prevent from negative imaging in public. With us, you share the best of bond with people who will understand the loyalty and intention of your self.

Crisis Communication

Encountering crisis while political campaigning is not an exception neither is it new. But the thing/firm/technique which can handle it smoothly and without damaging your image is new. Me Bhi Neta has experience as well as expertise in the situation of crisis and we will not let that tiny part of journey damage your whole campaign.