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Our organization, Me Bhi Neta, offers all aspects of a successful political journey from Political Consulting, Political Survey, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Constituency Profiling, Election Management to Political Campaigning for Lok Sabha Elections, Assembly Elections, Legislative Elections. We additionally Provide Voter Relationship Management (VRM) programming which contains all moment level subtle elements of the examination in one place. We have a changed client base comprising of Political parties and in addition individual MP's, MLA's and applicants. Rather than promising a theoretical winning recipe we outfit our customers with devices and administrations to deal with their everyday exercises and help them in intensive and careful readiness for races. This approach empowers them to get a completely clear photo of their own qualities to be solidified further and shortcomings to be enhanced.

Political Consulting Survey Services Team

Our group at Me Bhi Neta comprises of graduates and post-moves on from reputed institutions for the product improvement, and investigative work, post-graduates, and PhDs. to deal with the political, social and financial research work, post moves on from driving universities of MCA to deal with the database gathered from the field, and information accumulation is finished by the general population moved on from driving organizations of Mass Communication and Political Science.

Political Survey Election Campaign Management Methodology

Philosophy :-

A field research will be completed in the body electorate at the Polling Booth level.

The poll will concentrate on the accompanying parameters :

1. Formative Perspectives:

There are two key focuses where we concentrate our examination on this heading.

  • Assessment of fulfillment level of the constituents from their present MP/MLA.
  • Mapping of inclinations of voters requires from their present state and local Govt.
  • Finding nearby issues, grievances, and requests which can impact race.
  • Comparison amongst present and past state govt and in addition local Govt.

2. Image of the Leaders:

  • About pioneer's conduct with the average citizens.
  • The way of working.
  • What sort of pioneer constituents need?
  • Whom constituents respect and favor most from each party?

3. Image of the Parties:

  • Most dynamic party in the neighborhood, and focus.
  • Most promising party in the neighborhood, and focus.
  • Satisfaction of present party's state govt. what's more, local Govt?
  • Party Preference for next race.
  • The worst approach made by the past govt which can be an issue in the race.

4. Opinion Poll:

  • At present, open inclination about every given hopeful.
  • Whom voter thinks the best appropriate possibility for their advantages.
  • Who is most solid hopeful?
  • Feedback about every one of the applicants will be overseen stalls shrewd.

5. Important Issues:

  • An issue which does make a difference most for the villagers of every town.
  • What sort of national issues matters for voters of your voting demographics?
  • What is their supposition about the enormous issues like reservation, mandir-masjid, Price climb of day by day utilize products, joblessness and so forth?

6. Party Network:

  • Identification of influential individuals of every single real party at the stall level party.
  • Arranging the information base of party specialist at the piece and Vidhan Sabha level.
  • Collecting Mobile number of the persuasive individuals of every single town.

7. Caste Equation :

  • Approximate no of individuals of every last standing at the corner level.
  • Approximate no of individuals of various religion.
  • Strategy reasonable as per the social building.

8. Overall Ranking and Satisfaction:

  • Personal positioning in contrast with all another pioneer of the voting demographic.
  • Satisfaction level from the pioneer's commitment.

Due Delimitation there is a significant change in the demography of the electorate so we influence alterations of the corners and we'll to evaluate our position where we remain in the new topographical area.

Me Bhi Neta Political Consulting Political Survey Election Campaign Management Analysis


The crude information from the field is arranged and a nitty-gritty research to relate different variables will be led as to past decision comes about. A thorough examination will be done and center zones will be shortlisted to be taken up further. This investigation will partition the corners into four parts, i.e., solid stalls, powerless corners, debilitated corners, and helpful corners. An examination of the quality of the individual versus quality of the parties will likewise be finished. Notwithstanding the above investigation, the information assembled will be overseen in programming created by Me Bhi Neta. This will empower the customer to see the information gathered through an easy to understand graphical interface and think of his own investigation and methodologies.