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How to win an election

The secret to winning elections doesn’t have to do with the message you focus on, the color of your political campaign yard signs or even fundraising efforts. No, it’s nothing as complex as that; in fact, it’s very simple. Here’s the thing you get from Me Bhi Neta to do in order to be a winning candidate in your political election and outwork your opponent.

And we don’t mean outworking your local political opponent by only a few degrees; we mean campaigning so hard that you have to throw away your shoes when election season is over. we mean knocking on so many doors in your district that the voters start rolling their eyes when they see you are coming to their house again. Remember: the harder it is, the better it works in campaigning. That’s really what we do at Me Bhi Neta. Getting out and knocking on every door in your city is hard. Calling every registered voter is hard. Writing personal cards to thousands of people is hard. And if you do more difficult things than your opponent does on the campaign trail, and you do it consistently, your chances of winning a local election increase astronomically.

As a first-time candidate for elections, I can remember a question one supporter asked me after I had gone door-to-door in the entire city for a second time (and was gearing up for a third): “That’s great, but don’t you think you’re just doing too much?” When it comes to local grassroots campaigning, you can’t do too much. Local elections don’t come with weekly tracking polls to give you an idea of how you are doing with the voters.

When you’re a political candidate running a campaign for a local election, you have to constantly assume that you are your opponent. You have to play a continuous game of catch-up. You have to outwork the competition on all fronts. Before running my own campaign for local office, I was a political consultant myself and saw plenty of candidates win and lose elections.

So get out there and become the local political candidate that voters are sick of seeing so much. If your opponent is going to start knocking on doors in October, Me Bhi Neta starts your door-to-door efforts in March. If the competition is going to make a thousand phone calls, set yourself a goal of 3,000.

Because regardless of what kind of strategy or message or tactics you settle on, that’s the only thing you really need to win a local political election campaign: hard work, and lots of it. And Me Bhi Neta is known for the hard work we put in to run a successful campaign.

Door-to-Door Campaigning: The Best Tactic for… The best political candidate wins from implementing a wide spectrum… and covering all the horizons of the society and registering your presence in the minds of the people.