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General Election Facts

  1. Add up to number of surveying stations for 2014 General Elections were 9,19,452
  2. Add up to number of EVMs utilized as a part of the 2014 General Elections were – 17,20,080 control units and 18,78,306 poll units (2014)
  3. Surveying parties stroll in the vicinity of 46kms by walking to gather information in Lower Dibang Valley region of Arunachal Pradesh.
  4. Dr K Padmarajan battled his 159th Elections. (2014)
  5. Biggest parliamentary supporters regarding number of Electors is Malkajgiri, Andhra Pradesh (29,53,915) and littlest is Lakshwadeep (47,972)
  6. Contrasted with Rs 15 crore in 2009 elections, Shatrughan Sinha's benefits expanded by Rs 116.73 Crore and worth Rs 131.74 crore in 2014 decisions.
  7. 20,140 liters of Unique Violet Ink was dispatched by Mysore Paints and Varnish Ltd (MVPL) for elections in 2014.
  8. Each of the 6 national Parties partook in Elections 2014. 39 out of 47 state parties took an interest in the elections. What's more, among 1634 unrecognized just 419 parties took an interest in it.
  9. Add up to a number of Candidates in 543 seats – 8251 (7578 male, 668 female, and 5 transgender applicants). Among the chose applicants – 482 are male and 61 female.
  10. 28,314 out of 814.5 million qualified voters in India, recognize themselves as transgender and their sexual orientation is recorded as "other".
  11. From September a year ago Narender Modi, the BJP's prime ministerial applicant tended to 437 major revives, partook in an aggregate 5827 open interfacing occasions and went more than three lakh kilometers crosswise over 25 states.
  12. Rahul Gandhi logged about 165,000 km and tended to more than 250 revives since September a year ago.
  13. Around 78 percent of the individuals in the fifteenth Lok Sabha, have a graduate, post-graduate degree or a doctorate.
  14. In the Indian general decision, 2014, NOTA surveyed 1.1% of the votes, checking for more than 6 million.
  15. At the surveying station of Banej in Gir, Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas was the only voter, which is the last home to the Asiatic lions.