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Constituency Profiling

Our organization, Me Bhi Neta consulting, gives Voter Information Management System (VIMS) and presently has operations all across India. We have a changed client base comprising of Political parties and additionally individual MP's, MLA's and hopefuls. Rather than promising a speculative winning recipe we outfit our customers with apparatuses and administrations to deal with their everyday exercises and help them in an intensive and fastidious arrangement for decisions. This approach empowers them to get a completely clear photo of their own qualities to be merged further and shortcomings to be enhanced.


Our group comprises of graduates and postgraduates advancement, and explanatory work, post-graduates, and PhDs. to deal with the political, social and monetary research work, post moves on from driving universities of MCA to deal with the database gathered from the field, and information accumulation is finished by the general population moved on from driving establishments of Mass.

Political Research Services:-

  1. Demographic Research
  2. Our exploration and overviews for the most part concentrate on following parameters for Constituency Profiling Finding smaller scale and full scale issues which can impact decisions Image of present pioneer and evaluating fulfillment level Opinion survey to know voter's mindset Collecting contact quantities of powerful individuals at stall level Caste condition and their voting design Vote share for our customer Expectations of individuals from a perfect applicant

  3. Opinion and Exit Surveys
  4. It assesses the present open inclination of all the given hopefuls Its input predicts most appropriate contender for the locale It decides rank astute poling conveyance Identifies powerful media sources which are most persuasive for voters Preferred ecclesiastical applicants at state and national level.

  5. Issues and Trends
  6. Distinguishing miniaturized scale and large scale level issues can help decide and additionally divert popular feeling. Issues like swelling, joblessness, power and other full-scale level concerns are resolved and organized in a need list as indicated by the survey. These can be principle center focuses on the statement, addresses, reputation pennants, and bills.

Administration Services:-

  1. Door-to-entryway Mass Campaign
  2. Uniquely modified reviews for party legitimate contact data of voters, to know voter's state of mind and guaranteeing wide reach of the applicant. It likewise decides applicant's position condition and further define ventures to guarantee to win. Compelling individuals of a voting demographic are resolved and their contact data is gathered. It additionally incorporates mass interest for the applicant. In Me Bhi Neta, we can tell from our experience of working with more than 1000 customers that these redid reviews have turned out to be the best route for mass reach. This sort of crusading will support competitor's fame and impact voters in support. We guarantee hopeful's prosperity by the broad research of the information gathered. This information and research work holds its legitimacy and selectiveness for our customer as it were. No sharing and distribution of such information happen from our side.

  3. Bulk SMS and IVR Calls
  4. With more than 90 crore clients in India, cell phones have their essence in about each family unit. In Me Bhi Neta, we attempt and boost its use in our crusading by instilling present-day gear and offices. Me Bhi Neta collects versatile quantities of voters by way to-entryway crusading and afterward connecting with them on normal premise utilizing Bulk SMSing and In-Voice calls. Thusly of advancement has ended up being a conservative and viable path for achieving mass voters.

  5. Social Digital Media and E-Campaigning
  6. Social Digital Media is tied in with changing the inclinations of the basic masses and understanding their mentalities. These days web has infiltrated to a huge degree among the average citizens and now utilizing a similar they are raising their voices for a reason identified with administration and issues which have to affect in their life. The web is ended up being a capable potential engine to drive social advance. It can be a fast, simple and conservative approach to reach focused on masses. E-battling can improve the odds to achieve the crusade objective if powerful strategies and instruments are contacted the group of onlookers. To screen advance, distinctive specialized arrangements are accessible, for example, tallying and following "hits" on sites; running short web surveys with groups of onlookers, assembling and distributing their input. Our strategy for using this critical source includes latent and dynamic devices to guarantee focused on crusading. Clients get data through email or by counseling a site is a detached method for web nearness. A dynamic way includes remarking and posting on sites and online journals and long range interpersonal communication, (for example, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so forth.)

  7. War Room
  8. A devoted group of specialists will watch the general decision battle process and will influence a note of every improvement They to will likewise track print media and electronic and computerized media. This group of specialists will then methodologies and figure ventures for encouraging proposals in battling. This powerful administration for even a brief time of 30 days puts the chances to support the customer. This group wholeheartedly handles the battle administration which brings about making a rush of prevalence for the customer.

    Center zones:-

    1. Monitoring everyday development and crusade movement for the customer.
    2. Developing systems for a powerful result.
    3. Planning and administration of the entire crusade.
    4. Social media administration and Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)